2nd EMCC-Intensive Course Athens


3rd-7th June 2013







4th June 2013 – introduction / epigraphical museum / lectures by the students

In the morning EMCC-students and professors met in the rooms of the central university building, warmly welcomed by Prof. Kostas Buraselis (Athens) and Prof. Ralf von den Hoff (Freiburg).
A visit to the epigraphical Museum followed, guided by Prof. Sofia Aneziri (Athens). 

In the afternoon the EMCC-students presented their master-thesis:



  •  Miriam Sulimma:

“Tugendhafte Frauen – Lüsterne Männer? Konstruktion von Geschlechterrollen in antiker griechischer Liebesmagie“

  • Eleni Tzovla:

„Die Innenpolitik des Hegemonen von Hellas: Philipp II. auf dem Weg nach Asien“

  • Jan-Pieter Löbbing:

„Open glass vessels of the roman imperial period.
Investigations on models and imitations in pottery and

  • Olga Iwasiów:

„Nature in the Odyssey"








5th June 2013 – visiting and study program: Agora of Athens / Acropolis / Acropolis Museum

In the morning Prof. Panos Valavanis, director of the department for classical archaeology at the University of Athens, explained the area of the ancient agora. He focused on the architecture of the buildings, modifications during the Greek and Roman periods and their cultural, political and economic background, but also on the problems of reconstructing the archaeological remains. After lunch, Ralf von den Hoff gave a lecture on the Athenian Acropolis with its monumental temples and buildings, considering their cultural context. Moreover he talked about problems of the archaeological research and reconstruction. Visiting the unique and outstanding exhibits in the Acropolis Museum completed the day.












6th June 2013 – lectures by the students

Back to the auditorium of the University of Athens, the focus was upon discussing another set of Masterthesis presentations by EMCC-students:

  • Sarah Curvale:

„L'adynaton Virgilien, une forme entre unité et dualité dans les

  • Eulalie Dejean:

„Ancient Gymnasium, modern Gymnasium and the reasons for

  • Alexandra Lazanas:

„The presence of the Ptolemies in mainland Greece and the

  • Axel Pasquereau:

„Le culte royal des Ptolémées sur l'île de Chypre (294 - 31
avant J.-C.)“

  • Hülya Vidin:

„The coinage in the Cyrenaica – Coins as a reflection of the
changing policy and cultic developments”

Afterwards two alumnae (Marie Drauschke [Münster] and Katharina John [Freiburg]) who had passed their exams of the EMCC and have entered the research field in PhD-programmes talked about their experiences. At the very end of that day Prof. Peter Funke (Münster) gave a lecture on „The role of the amphictionies in ancient Greece“, followed by a reception at the university.











Auf Wiedersehen und Goodbye…

till 2015 in Perugia!!!




 [Report by Antje Sophie Menschner]




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