1st EMCC-Intensive Course Istanbul


20th-24th June 2011







21th June 2011

Introductory input by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sayar on the archaeological research structure in Istanbul – presentation of the epigraphical technique of squeezing by Dr. Roberta Fabiani (Inscriptiones Graecae, Berlin), Hagia Sophia in all its glory & stroll through the gardens of Topkhapi Palace.


  • Katharina John:

“Oriental and Greek genealogies. An approach to the origins of historiography by the medium of family lineages“

  • Andrea Fesi:

“Le vin dans les repas communautaires: Marzeah et Syssitie”

  • Marie Drauschke:

“The Teiae Dirae”

  • Christoffer Diedrich:

“Historical and archaeological aspects regarding the bodies of the Lycian League”










22nd June 2011: Excavation sites and excursion to the Black Sea

Visit of the ancient Phosphorion harbour and guided tour of the excavation sites with a hands-on–introduction to dendrochronological methods - Reception at the German Historical Institute (DAI) – Presentation of current research projects by Prof. Dr. Felix Pirson – Boat trip on the river Bosporus all the way up to the Black Sea – Splendid views between Asia and Europe.



 ...Boat trip on the river Bosporus!!!







23rd June 2011

Back to work at Istanbul Üniversitesi Lectures by our students.


  • Annabelle Lebouc:

“The domestic cults in the Egyptian region Fayoum during the reign of the Ptolemies”

  • Elena Astakhova:

“César et le 1er triumvirat”

  • Julie Zeisser:

“Hierapolis of Phrygia”

  • Maria Alexandrou:

“Handlungstheorien: Mythen, Ritual, Drama”

  • Sandrine Riva:

“Delos in the hymns: a literary or archaeological image?”

  • Jérémy Bonner:

“Les relations entre les Grecs et les Étrusques en mer Tyrrhénienne”


Dinner nearby the Institut Français d'Etudes Anatoliennes (IFEA) d´Istanbul.












Auf Wiedersehen und Goodbye…

till 2013 in Athens!!!




 [Report by Sophia Salzwedel]




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