This section informs about EMCC events and other related research activities carried out by our EMCC Professors.


Lecture: Encounters with the Environment in Ancient Greece: The Kopais Corridor in Boiotia (Hans Beck)




Colloquium: The Role of Rome between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages in the Mediterranean Area. Part 2: Different Forms of Urban Competition

A colloquium organised by Universität Hamburg and Università degli Studi Roma Tre takes place from 15-17 February 2023 in the Sala del Consiglio, Dipartimento die Studi Umanistici of the Università degli Studi Roma Tre but can also be joined online with the following link: https://tinvurl.com/4k3ucz86.





8th "Advanced Seminar in Greek Epigraphy"

The 8th "Advanced Seminar in Greek Epigraphy" will take place from 12 to 14 January at the University of Perugia (EMCC partner).




EMCC Lecture

January 26, 2023: Third EMCC Lecture held by Prof. Dr. Ralf von den Hoff.




Epichorios Research Day 2 




Herodotic Conference

A herodotal conference organised by Mustafa Sayar will be held in Bodrum on 2-4 November.




EMCC Dialogues




New publication

Book of Selene Psoma, Corcyra. A City at the Edge of two Greek Worlds, Meletemata 83, 2022.




Conference in honour of Hans-Joachim Gehrke 

September 9-10, 2022: Conference in honor of Hans-Joachim Gehrke organized by his international students (2000-2020).




2022 Summer School

June 21-25, 2022: Save the date for the upcoming EMCC Summer School in Toulouse with a public keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Corinne Bonnet. 


International Colloquium

May 10, 2022: "Αὐτὰ αὐτάν: an investigation into the bronze tablets from the sanctuary of Demeter in Herakleia (Southern Italy)". A lecture given by Roberta Fabiani in Poznan. Click here for more information. 



International Colloquium

March 18, 2022: International Colloquium at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa.


EMCC Dialogues

March 1, 2022: The EMCC launches a new series: EMCC Dialogues.





International Colloquium

January 20-21, 2022: International Colloquium at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Salamanca. Click here for more information.


EMCC Lecture

January 13, 2022: Second EMCC Lecture held by Prof. Dr. Selene Psoma.







EMCC Lecture

January 28, 2021: First EMCC Lecture held by Prof. Dr. Massimo Nafissi.