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Edebiyat Fakültesi

Profile of Classical Studies in Istanbul:

The faculty of Classics offers basic knowledge of Greco-Roman history. In addition, there are opportunities for specialisation. A focus in the research area of the coordinator in Istanbul is Greek and Latin epigraphy with practice opportunities in the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul. Furthermore, seminars on the historical geography of ancient Asia Minor as well as on the contact zone of Asia Minor and the Eastern Mediterranean with the native kingdoms (Lydia, Phrygia, Pergamon Kommagene etc.) as well as with the kingdoms in the Near East in antiquity are offered by the coordinator. In this seminar, the literary sources on Asia Minor and the Eastern Mediterranean will be compared with the inscriptions found in recent years on the poleis and landscapes of Asia Minor. Furthermore, a seminar on the world of the gods of the ancient Eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor and a seminar on the institutions of states in antiquity are offered by the coordinator.




Local coordinator:


Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sayar
Istanbul Üniversitesi
Edebiyat Fakültesi
Eskicag Tarihi Anabilim Dali
Vezneciler- Istanbul
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