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Der European Master in Classical Cultures (EMCC) ist ein international integrierter interdisziplinärer Studiengang der Altertumswissenschaften, der von 13 Partneruniversitäten in 9 europäischen Ländern getragen wird. Die Studierenden erwerben einen Doppelabschluss, der von zwei der beteiligten Universitäten verliehen wird. Zum EMCC-Konsortium gehören die Universitäten Athen, Freiburg, Hamburg, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Münster, Nicosia, Palermo, Perugia, Poznan, Rom, Salamanca und Toulouse. Das Deutsche Archäologische Institut in Rom ist ein aktiver Kooperationspartner des Programms. Sie sind herzlich eingeladen sich auf den folgenden Seiten über den EMCC zu informieren!

Nächste Bewerbungsphase: Mai 2023 für das akademische Jahr 2023-2024.



Leandro Polverini (1935 - 2023)

On April 19, 2023, Leandro Polverini, leading scholar of Roman History and one of the founding fathers of EMCC, passed away at the age of 87.

Born in Castelnuovo di Sabbioni (Florence) in 1935 and a graduate from the Catholic University of Milan in 1958 under Albino Garzetti, Leandro Polverini taught at the Universities of Siena (1970-77), Perugia (1977-90), Roma La Sapienza (1990-92) and Roma Tre (1992-2010). Among his main areas of scholarly activity were the Roman History from the republic to the principate and from there to imperial domination, Ancient Historiography, and especially Nineteenth- and Twentieth-century European Historiography on the ancient world.

Related to his openness to the European backdrop of classical studies were Polverini’s initiatives for the internationalization of teaching, understood both as a training tool and as an opportunity to foster the entry of young scholars into the world of research.

Polverini was among the promoters of the Erasmus network between the universities of Perugia, Freiburg, Münster, Ioannina and Innsbruck, active since 1990, which served as the basis for the broader and indeed bold idea of the European Master in Classical Cultures (EMCC), designed and fine-tuned from 2005 to 2008. Leandro Polverini infused the EMCC his genuine enthusiasm, acumen, culture, politeness, friendliness, and refreshing spirit. The EMCC community remembers Leandro Polverini with dear affection. We mourn his passing.



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