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Profile of Classical Studies in Palermo

The programme, offered as part of the Master's degree course in Classical Studies at the University of Palermo, focuses on Greek, Roman and Byzantine history, philology and archaeology, the history of religions of the classical world, etc.. Particular attention is given to the study of ancient Sicily  and to the relations between the island and the other populations of the ancient Mediterranean; to studies on Greek and Latin theatre and anthropology of the ancient world. Four journals are published by the University of Palermo, in the field of ancient world studies: Hormos (online), Kokalos, Mythos, and Pan (online).








 Local coordinator:

  Prof. Dr. Daniela Bonanno
Dipartimento Culture e Società
Viale delle Scienze (Ed. 15), Stanza 209
90128 Palermo
tel.: +3909123899445
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