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Profile of Classical Studies in Perugia:

With its curriculum of “Ancient Civilization and Culture” the Master's Degree in “Italian, Classical Studies, and European History”, the Department of Lettere – Lingue, letterature e civiltà of Università degli Studi di Perugia offers a broad range of different courses on the Graeco-Roman world extended up to the Late Antiquity:

  • Greek Literature (with particular attention to Classical theater)
  • Latin Literature (with particular attention to the Late Antiquity and courses of Medieval Latin Literature)
  • Classical Philology
  • Greek History
  • Roman History (with particular attention to the Late Antiquity)
  • Greek and Roman Historiography
  • Archaeology (Classical, Christian and Medieval)
  • Etruscology
  • History of Ancient Philosophy
  • History of Classical Languages


The course also provides for the acquisition of knowledge in the field of Italian Literature and History of the Italian Language.




 Local coordinator:


Prof. Dr. Massimo Nafissi
Tel.: +39 075 585 3116
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