Admission requirements


BA or equivalent degree in a relevant subject (e.g., Diplom, Staatsexamen for Germany, Laurea for Italy, Licenciatura for Spain, Licence for France and Turkey, Ptychio for Cyprus) with a normal course duration of 6 semesters (3 years). Provisionally, a preliminary certificate covering the grades of the first 5 semesters (equivalent of 150 ECTS credits) may be submitted. Relevant subjects (in the domain of Altertumswissenschaft) are in particular Ancient History, Archaeology and Classical Philology. Certified pre-knowledge of at least two of these subject areas is required.

Language Skills:

  • Certified knowledge of the language spoken at the university where the programme is taken up is requisite (at least C1 or native language), as well as certified knowledge of English (at least B2) and the language spoken at the university that the student intends to choose as partner university (at least A2 at the time of application, at least B1 at the start of the semester abroad).
  • Knowledge of Ancient Greek or Latin is another requirement. At some universities, knowledge of both, Ancient Greek and Latin, is required.


The coordinating council will decide on the admission of graduates with particular subject combinations.

Your local coordinators will be glad to answer your questions about the EMCC.