Toulouse Üniversitesi

Département d’Histoire

Profile of Classical Studies in Toulouse:

With its “Master Sciences de l’Antiquité” the university offers a broad education in the field of Classical Studies (History, Archaeology, History of Art, Classical Philology, Anthropology), focussing on different aspects: the history of ancient religions, cultural contacts between Greece and the Middle East, the reception history of antiquity, theatre studies and archaeology. Three research groups (TRACES, CRATA, ERASME) have established a variety of national and international cooperations (Paris, Oxford, Rome, Brasilia…). Two journals are published in the field of Classical Studies in Toulouse: Pallas, and Anabases. Traditions et reception de l’Antiquité.




Local coordinator:


Dr. Emmanuelle Boube

Département d’Histoire
5, allées Antonio Machado
F-31058 Toulouse
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