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istorisches Seminar – Arbeitsbereich Alte Geschichte, Institut für Griechische und Lateinische Philologie, Archäologisches Institut

Profile of Classical Studies in Hamburg:

In the field of Ancient History the main focus lies on the history of Hellenism, the late Roman Republic and the Imperial Era, in particular the history of the Eastern provinces; furthermore, on the digitalisation of Greek inscriptions in Asia Minor and of historical maps, and on the conceptual design and production of multi-medial knowledge transfers. In the field of Classical Philology, the main focus lies on the ancient theatre, Greco-Roman poetry, ancient science and philosophy, Indo-European studies, Byzantine and modern Greek, and Medieval and neo-Latin literatures, as well as, in connection with the Teuchos centre, manuscript studies, biblio-textual criticism and computer-assisted philological methods. Classical Archaeology is studied at the "Abteilung Archäologie und Kulturgeschichte des antiken Mittelmeerraumes" and is essentially context-oriented. One main focus is the acculturation processes between the Greco-Roman cultures and those of the Ancient Orient and Egypt. This type of archaeology, the so-called “Hamburg School,” is oriented socio-scientifically and anthropologically and includes semiotic, religio-sociological and iconological methods.




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